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29 Sep

Alcohol may be the fronten of youth and a pub is where many gather to feel young, but the Essex St. pub might have actually defy time with its change in owners( Peter Goretti past away the current owner goes by Mackey) and it ability to last in one of buffalo toughest neriborhood, the Essex St. pub is one company left in the changing Westside of buffalo. With its history and the sprites of the gods Essex, st. pub is the place for  a good story without a need of a camp fire.


Melvin Mencher’s News Reporting and Writing

29 Sep

In Melvin Mencher’s News Reporting and Writing the author talks about how you should let them talk, act. Often writers try to be an all-star and go all out a try to make the most vibit story possible and end up just writing an over soup up, cluster of hot trash.

The problem there is if you have been observing your topic closes enough or you topic is worthwhile, the story would fill its self and the writer would not have to over compensate for the lack of things to talk about.

When you have an interesting person the things they say seem to come form no where because they are free trying to impress someone and not trying to be the wittiest person alive, they are just being themselves. Their ego and persona just makes the person interesting enough to want to write what they say and note on how they act.

If you were to add good stylists writing with good reporting you would be able to get the reader attention enough to where they would follow your every word and they would have a good understanding on what you have to say even if you are writing about a common cold like gay talese’s Frank Sinatra Has a Cold.

50 Writer’s Tools You Can Use

29 Sep

50 Writer’s Tools You Can Use


the tip I like the most from the  50 tools someone could used to make their journlism better is :

Cut big, then small:

“Vigorous writing is concise,” wrote William Strunk when E.B. White was still his student. “A sentence should contain no unnecessary words, a paragraph no unnecessary sentences, for the same reason that a drawing should have no unnecessary lines and a machine no unnecessary parts.

 I find most writing to be fluffy, filled with extra words to try to make a point sound bigger than it is, because we all know word count means the more words you have the better your story is or that you met your bosses, editor, or teacher quota.


Most writing is fluffy in trying to sound more important or to meet a quota from a bosses, editor, or teacher.

I personally do not think news stories should be fluffy. Pillow should be, not our news. News should be short and concise, because a reader time is precious.

 I do think features stories can have a little more fluff to help give a reader a better image of what is going on, but those feature should be save for magazine articles and opinion pieces and not are every day news.

Responds to Picking the Right Media for a Story

22 Sep

Picking the Right Media for a Story


In Picking the Right Media, for a Story Paul Grabowicz explains different types of media that help tell a story from different vanish points, and helps get emotions across differently.

Audio helps with giving you a feel of your story and helps creates an emotional attachment to it.

Text can put more detail in the story and is the fastest way one can deliver news.

Photos helps take you to where the story is happening and gives you a better sense of what the story is like but is more intimate than video.

Video helps take you to where the story is happening and gives you a better sense of what the story is like using moving picture and audio.

I think each of these tools help make the story more lively because sometimes depending on the writer stories can be really boring to the reader. Each of these methods helps give people a different avenue to take in the information. Some people can really connect with a photo and read deeper in to it, while others need a video to get the best of audio and moving photos to wrap their heads around an idea.

Response to Steve Buttry Blog entry on “Finding and developing story ideas”

22 Sep

Steve Buttry Blog entry on “Finding and developing story ideas”

In Steve Buttry Blog entry on “Finding and developing story ideas”, Buttry discuss creative ways to go about finding and developing a story people would like to read. In finding a story buttery explains you have to do your research on the topic, you are interested in writing about. You can use thing like old news reports, people you know, and now even social media to get background information. Old news reports help you understand what happened already, while people will help you understand what has not been report already, and social media can help you find a story that is happening now.

Buttry also explains on how to devolve a story by using tactics like theft where you find a story that was reported on and you contact the reported who wrote the story and inquire more on the topic, then see where you can use it in your own your story in your community. He also explains you should spend time with your story and tries to get the prospective from different angles. For example if you were talking to a white man, you should talk to a black or Hispanic man.

Responds to Dan Gillmor “We the Media”

15 Sep

Dan Gillmor “We the Media”

I am writing this responds to Dan Gillmor “We the Media” intro and chapter one. In a basic summary Dan Gillmor talk about the history of journalism from it started in the American revolution with Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Paine –– as they where the 1st citizens to report on current affairs— to journalism’s journey to print, radio, television to web blogging. In a sense joules has made a full circle and is back to the people reporting on what is going in their neighborhood.

I like this article by Dan Gilmore because it explains the trend of the consumer becoming the producers and how it affects our current Big Media. Since technology is becoming more available, everyone has a chance to contribute to journalism. It adds different prospective and it keeps professions on their toes. If professional were to do something wrong in reporting a story, thanks to the internet they can easy get called on their bullshit.  It also gives a chance for stories to be told without advertisement effecting on how and why it is told. Thus, we are getting a pure from of news, not trash just push out to get a product out so Big media has space to sell advertisement.

Nycitynewsservice – Rising Battles Over Mosques

15 Sep

Nycitynewsservice – Rising Battles Over Mosques


I am writing this responds to Carmel Delshad ’s September 9, 2011 feature article on Voices of NY via NY City News Service entitled — Battles over mosques are on the rise. A basic summary of the article is as followed – Sheepshead bay, Brooklyn is one of nine areas in New York State where Muslims are having trouble building a Mosque: a place of worshipped for Muslims. While some cited their reason against mosque is they do not want the noise of construction and high traffic, other fell the reason is the current Islam-phobia / anti Islam movement going on in America.

According to the NYCLU a woman who spoke at a meeting attended by more than 400 people, asked. “Wouldn’t you agree that every terrorist, past and present, has come out of a mosque?”

I like the article for the following reasons: 1) The article well written and not filled with a bunch of fluffy words and the article gets to the point. 2) The article quoted multiple people to get a better understanding on peoples feeling on this matter. 3) The article is also neutral the author is just stating the way the people he interview feels about the situation and not his personal feelings trying to sway people to his side of the issues.

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